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TL Industries has state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and provides service to customers utilizing many different types of manufacturing technologies. From simple manually operated machines to fully automated equipment, TL has the technology that is appropriate for any size order. From operator assisted component location cut and clinch machines to high volume DIP and axial insertion machines, to fine pitch pick-n-place machines, TL Industries has the capability and the manufacturing technologies to handle any volume required by the customer.



More info on Surface Mount

Surface Mount

Surface MountTL Industries has invested in high speed, fine pitch surface mount placement machines with fully automated solder paste screening machine that have optical inspection.



More info on Through-Hole / Mixed

Through-Hole / Mixed

Through-hole / MixedIn order to decrease manufacturing time and costs, TL Industries has invested in a number of through-hole manufacturing systems.



More info on Test Equipment

Test Services

Test EquipmentTL Industries realizes the importance of delivering a product free of defects and with this in mind, TL has invested in the test equipment necessary to ensure the customer receives their products defect free.



Custom Equipment

Custom EquipmentTL Industries will develop custom manufacturing tooling for a specific project, to increase the quality of the product and to reduce the costs. TL's design services and it's manufacturing engineering services work together to solve any assembly problems.


TL Industries' customers can expect us to invest in the manufacturing technology required for an ongoing business relationship.


TL Industries has the manufacturing technology that will make you successful and we will invest in you, the customer, if we don't. Long term relationships between organizations is the solution for the 21st century. We are ready to invest with your organization to the mutual success of both.








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