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Contract ManufacturingRevisions

All bills of materials, assembly drawings, fabrication drawings, programs, tooling, test procedures, and shipping procedures are controlled by revision level. If the customer's drawings do not have revision levels, then internal revisions are assigned to the documents when received by TL.


Controlling the revision level of documents used by the team members of TL is accomplished by the Shop Order History Sheet. This document is developed in Production Control during the processing of the customer's order. Once developed, it can only be changed through the formal engineering change notice system.


Assume nothing, except that the customer wants their product built correctly and with no workmanship defects.


No-Sub Components

Customer's bills of materials specifying specific manufacturers for specific components will have internal part numbers assigned to them, classified as "only" numbers. This classification insures the customer that their component specifications are conformed to. When TL desires to substitute a component for an "only" classified component, a substitution authorization form must be signed by the customer.



When an order is placed with TL Industries it is reviewed to see if the product with it's revision level is in the manufacturing database, if not, the customer is requested to supply the appropriate documentation. If the customer does not know the revision level then TL will confirm that the product's most current revision level in our system will be manufactured.



Inspection processes are performed by qualified inspection operators at strategic locations during the manufacturing process to eliminate potential defects as early as possible. Through the use of inspection tools these inspections add little time to the manufacturing process. A series of stamps installed on the assembly as it moves through manufacturing provides a history of the assembly down to the individual operator level.

In-process inspection and final inspection is done to each assembly manufactured by TL Industries. Integration of sub-assemblies is not permitted unless the sub-assemblies have been reviewed for component values and workmanship.



Full testing or minimal power checks are performed per the customer’s specifications. Assemblies that are tested are inspected for component values at certain inspection levels and inspected 100% for workmanship, while untested assemblies are inspected at 100% for components and workmanship. TL Industries desires to completely test all assemblies it manufactures and has the technical staff, made up of engineers and technicians, to do so.



TL's Quality System insures the customer that they will receive what they ordered free of defects and ready for integration into their end product. With TL Industries assuming nothing, the customer can expect everything right.







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