Electronic Design Services

Technically sophisticated engineering


TL Industries' Engineering Group is capable of performing all phases of the engineering process. This may be as simple as a single board design or as complex as a complete system requiring metal enclosures, user interface controls, PCB layout, software design and system assembly.


The Engineering Group can become infvolved at any point in the project but the greatest benefit will be realized if the the group is involved early in the design phase.



 Microprocessor Based Design

Microprocessor based designs provide performance and flexibility for new or evolving products, from simple logic devices to complicated real time multitasking systems. TL is proficient with microprocessors from Motorola, Microchip, and Texas Instruments, from very small micros to high performance CISPs and DSPs with integrated peripherals. Our hardware and software engineers work with you to meet cost and performance requirements. We have considerable experience designing products that work in harsh electrical environments for industrial process control, extracting meaningful control inputs from a variety of sensors, and have worked with a variety of local area networks. We have also designed commercial and consumer products requiring performance with significant cost constraints.


Our engineers augment the capabilities of your staff, using the power of microcomputers and high performance electronics to leverage your knowledge of your process. We offer the benefit of "cross pollination" from experience in a variety of industries. You maintain control of your areas of core competence, and have the benefit of a staff of electronic engineers who are there when you need them.


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 Digital Design

TL Industries' has been in the digital circuit design business since its inception, before the advent of microcomputers. When cost is a serious constraint, the product is simple and well defined, and doesn't require the flexibility of the micro, a digital logic solution can be provided. Although most current digital designs extend the capabilities of microprocessors, TL can provide designs for products based on standard digital logic families and programmable logic devices.


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Analog Design

One of TL's strong suites is developing digital and analog circuits that compliment each other for control and measurement applications. Our analog expertise is strongest in the areas of sensor interfaces, and data acquisition. Our engineers have worked with a variety of sensors including some very unusual ones in specialty applications. We have also designed systems for high speed, high precision, and high accuracy measurements.


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Network Design

TL Industries' has software and hardware experience with proprietary and standard networks in both industrial and commercial applications. We have developed hardware and software for robust proprietary local area networks to work in harsh industrial environments, and have designed systems that conform to network standards of others, including Allen Bradley Device Net, Modbus, and other field I/O busses, and telecommunications using HDLC and Eithernet. We have built systems using TCP/IP providing internet access to our customer's systems.


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Schematic Capture and PC Board Designs

TL Industries design services offers schematic capture and PC board layout as a stand alone service or with other design services. We use development software from Orcad, and offer single sided, double sided, multi-layer, through hole, smt, and mixed technology designs. Our circuit board design staff has 35 years of combined experience, and layouts concurrently meet size, cost, yield, safety, and EMC requirements. PC documentation packages include gerber format copper, silk screen, and solder mask, nc drill, BOM, and schematics. We can provide assembly drawings compatible with a variety of mechanical CAD formats. Our board layout staff interfaces with circuit designers, packaging designers, and manufacturing engineers to provide high electrical performance, and good production yield.


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 PCB Design

  • Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA)
  • Single Layer/Multi Layer
  • SMT
  • DeviceNet, VME Bus, STD Bus
  • Schematic Capture and Library Creation
  • High-Speed Digital
  • Analog Design and Simulation
  • RF Design
  • Optical Design

Schematic design to circuit board layout design culminating with circuit board artwork ready for circuit board fabrication allows TL Industries to provide the customer with full service circuit board design. From simple single sided boards to complex multiplayer boards, TL Industries’ design services are ready to serve the customer’s needs.




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Mechanical Enclosure and Packaging Designs

  • Industrial Enclosure
  • Integration with PCB Design
  • Operator Interface Design
  • Thermal Management


As part of a complete package solution to electronic control needs, TL offers services for enclosure design. From simple boxes and rugged NEMA standard industrial cabinets to appealing commercial enclosures and sophisticated modular designs incorporating all necessary wiring and interface hardware, TL Industries' engineering services have the ability to design the customer's enclosure to conform to the major certification programs. TL has a precision sheet metal fabrication subsidiary and understands how to design and build electronic enclosures.


Prototype Assesment


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 System Level Development

  • Design from Concept
  • Solutions for Industrial as well as Commerical Applications
  • Regulatory Expertise to Acquire Necessary Approval for FCC, UL, CSA, TUV, etc.
  • Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA)
  • Hardware Development Concurrent with Software Development
  • Value Engineering

TL Industries' Engineering Group will work closely with your engineers, managers, production and marketing departments to develop the product to your specifications while providing necessary input to maintain Design For Excellence (DFX) objectives.


Prototype Assesment

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Test Solutions

  • In-House Development
  • Test Fixture Development
  • In-Circuit Test
  • Functional Test
  • On Board Self-Test and Diagnostic Firmware
  • Environmental Testing
TL Industries' Engineering Group can develop any necessary test procedures, software, PC applications and fixtures necessary to test the products we design or manufacture.


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  • Windows/Windows CE
  • Communications Protocols
  • Closed-Loop Controls
  • 8, 16 and 32 Bit Assembler Code
  • Motorola, Intel, ARM etc. CPU Core

TL Industries' software development team is capable of creating necessary software for your products from board level Assembly code to personal computer applications in both the DOS and Windows environments.



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Prototype Assessment

  • Manufacturing Evaluation
  • Cost Evalutation

Prototypes developed by the customer or manufactured by TL's engineering services are evaluated and value engineered for the customer to reduce the costs and improve quality. TL's manufacturing control systems insures that prototype specifications are adhered to and changes are reviewed and approved by the customer before they are implemented. The result is a product ready for volume manufacturing that will have consistent results and the lowest manufacturing costs.


Prototype Assesment

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Reverse and Re-Engineering

Things change fast in the electronics industry, and then there are obsolescence issues, mergers, acquisitions, and discontinuations of other sorts. We have some experience dealing with "dinosaur bones" ... We have updated old designs from other sources to replace obsolete parts, or to use more modern technology. We have successfully resurrected and replicated products when the original manufacturer was no longer willing or able to do so. (These projects are considered subject to patent, copyright and IP considerations.)


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