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Technically sophisticated engineering


Design ServicesFrom concept to completion

TL Industries’ Engineering Group is a full service, project oriented, design team that can begin with your idea and take it to full production. From concept to completion, TL Industries’ Engineering Group can provide the customer with all of the services required for successful implementation of the customer’s idea or concept. From the development of a single board to a full system with operating software, TL Industries design services can do either or anything in-between. Customer’s having problems with a design done by another firm can even look to TL Industries’ Engineering Group for a practical and cost effective resolution.


TL Industries' design team can be your single source for design through finished product and you can expect rapid implementation of cost effective hardware and software designs for your company.


The Engineering Group of TL Industries has over one hundred (100) years of combined experience in designing products for some of the industry leaders in mining, food, automotive processes and others. With this experience, TL Industries’ design staff understands the technical challenges involved in bringing your concept to successful completion.


The TL Industries' engineering group is ready to take the customer’s concept to completion and then will always be there for upgrades, improvements and support, through the life of the product.


The Engineering Group of TL Industries is ready to provide your company with electronic solutions for today's demanding technology.







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