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How much capital should a company risk in new technology, plants and people to remain competitive? At TL Industries, we can help you minimize product development risk, cost and time. We have the equipment, technologies and expertise to design, test, manufacture and support your product - from start to finish. Many companies are finding it's much safer, more efficient and more profitable to subcontract product development and manufacturing work to a qualified supplier who can offer advanced manufacturing and complete turnkey services.


Outsourcing enables your company to focus on their core competencies, which include research and development, sales and marketing while allowing TL Industries to provide the benefits of expertise in manufacturing, design, cost reduction and advanced manufacturing technology. Outsourcing reduces time-to-market, enhances asset utilization and utilizes the latest process technologies.


While partnering with TL Industries during any stage of a products development will benefit your company, the benefits will be greatly enhanced if TL Industries is involved in the earliest phase of development. Utilizing TL Industries' Design For Manufacture (DFM) during the design phase, assembly of your products will cost less, be built more efficiently and have reduced manufacturability issues.


Faced with shortened product life cycles, electronics OEMs are forced to reduce time-to-market to remain competitive. By working with TL Industries, the OEM can achieve faster time-to-market by utilizing the skills and knowledge of TL Industries design, manufacturing and testing services.


Financial benefits can be realized by having TL Industries as your engineering and manufacturing provider. From electronic components to custom material, TL has established a quality supplier base that can give the customer a competitive edge.


As electronics products become more technologically advanced, manufacturing processes become more sophisticated. OEMs face greater difficulty in maintaining the technological expertise needed to remain competitive. By outsourcing to TL Industries, OEMs can gain access to the latest equipment, process knowledge and manufacturing expertise.








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