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Design ServicesTL provided computer and electronic design services to extend our customer's in-house engineering capabilities, and free up their staff to develop improvements to their process, and spend more time working with end customers in the automotive and appliance industries. We updated an existing product line (which was based on an early microcomputer) with a newer generation micro, improving operator interfaces, and replacing complicated, inflexible analog signal processing hardware with digital algorithms to accommodate process anomalies.


Automotive Case Study

"This product line helped move the customer to an industry leading position."


We worked very closely with our customer's process and product development staff to develop several generations of products. We integrated a simple PLC function to allow the end user easy control of related automation, and easy synchronization of automation with the process. We incorporated data collection and reduction functions for SPC, added sophisticated networking capabilities to download operating parameters, and upload SPC data and status information. We provided hardware and software to interface to a variety of robots, Eithernet, Allen Bradley Rapid I/O, and a variety of other field I/O busses. Because of the high power involved in the process, the system operates in a very harsh electrical environment. This product line helped move the customer to an industry leading position.








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